Thursday, 21 April 2011

Cheer up :)

The sun is shining particularly bright today and most of you are looking forward to a nice long bank holiday weekend- so why not add a little more cheer on top of that?

The cheer I'm talking about comes courtesy of Cheer Up Clothing- a company built through friendship and a mutual love for music and fashion. 

The fashion side sees a contemporary unisex collection full of quirky designs, (including a rather festive crown design!), while the music side invites artists to come, chat and play acoustic sessions in their aptly titled T-Room

As a huge fan of both music and fashion I love this concept and have fallen head over heels for these cool designs. Check out the full collection here.

Would it be terribly wrong to dress me and my boyfriend in his 'n' hers crown t-shirts next Friday???


Carina said...

Those photos are soo pretty! So summery looking :) Definitely going to check out the shop

Kat said...

I love the photo's too, so right for summer :)



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