Sunday, 10 April 2011

The Pursuit of Happiness

What a gloriously sunny weekend us Brits have had? Warm weather never fails to make me smile, everything seems so much easier when the sun is shining. With this in mind, all weekend I've been musing on the word 'happiness' and how to achieve it.

I used to spend my teenage years plotting a route to happiness, convinced that if I lost that half a stone, went to that party or bought that dress....I would be happy. As I've got older I've made the realisation that most us come to- happiness is the journey, not the destination. 

But how do we cultivate it? Keep a hold of it? Bring it into our daily lives? Now I'm not an expert, but my personal belief is that to do this, we need to live in the moment. I often get tangled up in thoughts of the future or lost in past memories, it's when I stand still and look around me that I usually find happiness. 

Small, simple pleasures. That's how I do it. Everyday I try to do one thing to make me happy. No matter what else happens during my day, I'll have that one thing to look forward to.

Here's a list of simple things that bring a smile to my face.... I believe it's in these moments that happiness lingers.

Listening to great music (this is a daily ritual for me, I would be lost without it)

Reading a BLOODY brilliant book (notice that it can't be any old book, it must be bloody brilliant)

Sitting in the sun, listening to the birds (a rare but exquisite pleasure)

Baking something you've never tried before.... and it tasting delicious (this is a new, but wonderful pleasure for me)

Having an idea spark in your head for a new blog/short story/article (I love it when this happens)

Eating something truly decadent and not caring about the calorie content (bliss)

Learning something new (even if it is just that there is a breed of dogs called 'cockapoos')

Laughing at something silly (like the word cockapoo)

Sleeping in (I RELISH this pleasure, just ask my boyfriend)

These things may sound silly to some, even trivial, but if we all did one thing everyday that bought a smile to our faces, surely it would make that crazy ride called life a bit more fun, right?

What simple pleasures make you smile?

p.s this is a cockapoo...for those curious ;)

(all images via we heart it)


Jade said...

Oh my gosh that little dog is adorable! Hope you've enjoyed the lovely weather this weekend! x

FromGemWithLove said...

I loved this, what an amazing post xx

Kat said...

Aw thanks Jade and Gemma :) I should have added another one to the list- reading nice blog comments!!

The dog is so cute isn't it, my cousin is getting one soon!


hollie said...

That dog! Oh my gosh! I could actually cry!

Thank you for your kind compliment on my blog the other day! Can't beat Pizza Express doughballs can you?

Love your 365 project blog too, great idea!


lipstick and balloons

Is This Real Life? said...

I love this post! It is so true as well there is so many little things that actually can make you happier than big grand geatures!
And that dog is just too cute!

Kat said...

@ Hollie The dog is too cute isn't it? want one! And no, you can't beat Pizza Express doughballs :) And thanks, have finished my 365 project now- was a great thing to do!

@ is this real life Exactly my point, don't always need big gestures, simple pleasures all the way :) (and maybe the odd holiday hehe)


▲ Nicci St. Bruce ▲ said...

I. Want. A. Cockapoo!

Kat Nicholls said...

Me too!!



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