Friday, 1 April 2011

Just a Minute....March


Making: A surprising amount of tasty treats! Have been baking up a storm this month thanks to a great recipe book birthday present last month. So far I've mastered melt-in-the-middle chocolate cupcakes, butter cookies and double choc-chip cookies, (yeah.... I like chocolate).

Watching: From Riches to Rags (Lily Allen doc), How I Met Your Mother (GENIUS sitcom) and 'Paris Je t'aime' (lovely ode to Paris in short-film format).

Reading: Eat, Pray, Love (have read it before, but I love it and wanted to travel to Italy, India and Indonesia in my head all over again).

Listening: Sister Crayon, Misty Miller, Gillian Christie (thanks for the recommendation Fi!) Heather Nova, Feist and Angus & Julia Stone. So basically a lot of chicks.

Loving: Slightly sunnier days! Feel like I can safely say goodbye to my winter coat! Finally!

Buying: Too much.... Yummy meals out, a few bits from ASOS, swimming sessions, rare EP's, magazines and tiffin. Must restrain myself this month!

What have you been up to in March?


c'est freak, le chic said...

I recently just finished Eat, Pray, Love and it was an unbelievable read - I wanted to travel all over the place as well and I had the sudden urge to suddenly speak Italian! It's such a brilliant novel.

Abi Tottenham-Smith said...

Mmmmm reading about all the cakes and treats you have been making has made me really hungry! Love your blog :) xx

Kat said...

@ C'est freak, le chic: It is such a brilliant book isn't it, the first time I read it I was about to go travelling around Thailand so was perfect timing! This time it's just making me REALLY want to visit Italy :)

@ Abi: Aw Thank you! I need to start posting recipes and pictures of my baked treats! And thank you for following, love the look of your blog too, am now following :)



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