Thursday, 23 June 2011

Cats and Rocking Chairs

Ever so slightly obsessed with Morven from 'Cats and Rocking Chairs' style at the moment. She dresses the way I wish I could dress!

 Right now I'm having an 'I hate my wardrobe' moment, probably due to the schizophrenic British weather and also because of my current work situation. Currently I'm either working  from home which sees me wearing comfy trousers, (hello harems, tracksuit bottoms and PJ's), and anything warm on top...OR I'm working in my local Paperchase where I'm wearing a rather unflattering uniform. On the few occasions I do go out to socialise I end up staring at my wardrobe for hours before throwing on a go-to look. I miss dressing up everyday and putting thought and effort into what I wear, I know to some it seems frivolous, but to me dressing well gives me confidence. 

I'm hoping my career is going to head in a slightly more fashion friendly direction soon so I can revive my love for fashion and have fun with it again! 

And when that time comes I know where I'll be looking for inspiration, the beautiful Morven....

Anyone else feel uninspired fashion-wise sometimes? How do you get over it?

Also any chic suggestions for working from home looks?!


Lizzy said...

I end up in slumps where I only want to wear one item in my wardrobe! At the moment it's this one particular dress. The only way to kick a slump that I've found is brute force! Pick something you don't want to wear and make it wearable again.

I don't think it's frivolous to want to be confident in your appearance. The right outfit can put a big spring in your step! x

Emma said...

Ugh, what a beauty! Haha. I know exactly how you feel; I'm going through the exact same thing at the moment! x

Is This Real Life? said...

Oh she has such fabulous style, right! So pretty too!

Yeah i hate when sometimes no matter what you put on, it just never feels 'right' to be honest as bad as it sounds when i feel like that i just shop Ha! even if its just going to primark and getting a new little dress or sweater i always feel it perks up my wardrobe!X


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