Monday, 20 June 2011

Week Off


You know what I love? Going to bed without having to set my alarm, knowing that I will wake up when my body wants to, not when society dictates. And lucky for me I have a WHOLE week of this. Time off work is one of life's little pleasures *sigh*

Saying that, I don't intend to spend my entire week doing nothing, (although there will be one or two days dedicated to just that), I want to get a few things accomplished. And me being the list fanatic that I am, I've written up a nice little to do list....


Clear out draws / tidy and organise wardrobe

Give room a thorough clean- dust, hoover etc.

Write a short story

Write article for freelance job 

Bake / cook something new

Decorate / find good DIY for glass GU pudding jars

Get back into exercise routine

Prepare for this week's 2 job interviews!!!

Go to the cinema to see new X men movie

Some fun stuff mixed in with some less fun stuff. Today I'm calling a 'nothing' day. Have been suffering with a cold the last few days so just trying to rest up and get over it so I can get on with my week! 

What do you guys use your time off for?

(p.s wish me luck for the job interviews! Hoping I get hired soon so I can finally make the move to London, so excited!)


Anonymous said...

Not so cool that you have a cold on your week off - that doesn't seem fair. Sending you luck and wonderful thoughts for your interviews! How exciting! xxx

Filipa said...

Good luck with the interviews!! I love holidays and I love to do lists. :) And you HAVE to see the new xmen movie, it's amazing! But then, I pure adore xmen so even if it was crap i'd still say its awesome :)

kirstyb said...

oh getting up without an alarm sounds amazing - me and my alarm had a fight this morning and he lost - must purchase new alarm x

Maria said...

Good luck with your interviews! Enjoy your week off too a bit of relaxation will do you good if you have been feeling ill!

Maria xxx

danniekate said...

best of luck! i'm rubbish with time off..i always end up working! xx


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