Tuesday, 19 March 2013

beauty habits

Recently I've been trying to get into a few beauty habits. I should probably premise this by saying I'm not massively into the whole beauty scene, I would much rather spend my money on a cute scarf than a new mascara. But now I'm edging ever further into my late 20s I think it's about time I address my routine - especially considering I still get spots (yawn). So here are my 10 new habits I'm trying to stick to...

1) Cleansing my face twice at night - once when I get home from work to remove my make-up, then again before bed to cleanse my skin. For this I'm using my favourite cleanser ever, Liz Earle cleanse & polish hot cloth cleanser.

2) Use a face mask once a week - I've started using Dr. Organic Manouka Honey face mask every Wednesday after yoga to give my skin a bit of a treat.

3) Wash my make up sponges once a week - trying to keep everything as clean as possible to prevent breakouts.

4) Keep my hair off my face at night - I use a fair amount of product in my hair and now it's getting longer I'm trying to keep it off my face at night.

5) Floss every night - I recently got a bit of a slap on the wrist from my dentist for not doing this, so trying to get back in the habit.

6) Experiment with lip colour - I've always been an eyes over lips kinda girl as I really struggle to find lip colours that suit me. I've recently branched out with a dark berry colour for night and a subtle pink for day....baby steps.

7) Paint my nails with more exciting colours - something I've always been lazy about, even though I have naturally long nails. When I do paint them I tend to stick to neutrals, so I'm trying to branch out a little! I've now bought some lovely new colours including navy blue, mint green and a metallic rust colour on top of my standard taupe and grey.

8) Keep on top of my eyebrow maintenance - any one else guilty of this? I always put off sorting my brows out until I begin to resemble a cave man, but no more! I'm now plucking stray hairs every couple of days to keep on top of things.

9) Exfoliate and moisturise - self explanatory really, must look after my skin a bit more.

10) Get out of my make-up product rut - I always use the same foundation, powder, blusher etc. I really need to see what else is on offer.

Any beauty habits you're trying to get into?

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Reviewing only the best for you said...

Good routine, I liked your list! :)

My tip is to be careful with the hot-cloth twice a day though. I know the heat is good for your skin, but it can also cause some redness and spider-veins over time. Always remember to finish with cold water to close your pores back up.

Just come across your blog but I love it! :D


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