Friday, 1 March 2013

getting healthy - how i'm doing it

Back in October I wrote a blog post about 'getting healthy' and even though my intentions were there, so was Christmas. I ate my way through November and December and came out the other side at my heavy-est weight in a long time and suffering from constant stomach cramps.

So when January rolled around, I decided to get serious about my health - feeling bloated and unwell all the time was getting old. So I made a resolution and this time, stuck to it. Since Christmas I have lost five pounds, my stomach cramps have gone, my skin is slowly starting to clear up and I generally have more energy. 

Here's what I've been doing and what I've found helpful...

Using 'My Fitness Pal' app to track what I'm eating

Swapping high sugar cereals for low sugar cereals 
(bitesize shredded wheat with a few sultanas is my new obsession)

Being good 90% of the time with food and letting myself have the odd blowout meal 
(usually something involving pasta, cheese and chocolate!!)

Drinking water instead of squash/juice/coke most of the time 
(I never used to drink plain water so this is a big deal for me)

Keeping my fitness regime varied with cardio (spinning or swimming) strength (free weights and body weight exercises) and flexibility (yoga)

Using the 'Yoga Studio' app to practice yoga at home on top of my weekly class

When I'm craving something sweet I either chew some sugar free gum or have a light Options hot chocolate
(I have a major sweet tooth so conquering cravings has been my main issue)

So far it's been going well and after two months, I really feel it's become a lifestyle change. I think one of the main things is to not put pressure on yourself to be 'perfect' all the time, I don't punish myself for having the odd takeaway. This means food is still a pleasure for me, not something to feel guilty about which is soooo important. I'll be doing a resolutions round-up post soon to let you know how I'm getting on with my other goals for 2013, feel it's a good idea to remind yourself where you are with them from time to time.

Anyone else trying to keep fit this year? How are you getting on with your resolutions/goals for 2013?


Joseph Baker said...

Great post and agree with not becoming obsessive with food - having the odd cheat meal is a must! Being consistent with exercise has always been a key factor for success with a healthy lifestyle for me. Making sure you fine time to go for that run each week helps keep everything in balance. Before you know it exercising 3 times a week will be the norm and now for me a good workout is great start to the weekend. Peace out my fellow healthy lifestylers!

Maria Fallon said...

I really need to get healthy, I tend to eat fairly healthily but I barely do exercise which I am determined to change!

Maria xxx

Zoe Lavender said...

Just rereading this at a time when I am feeling particularly lethargic and struggling with a bad neck and shoulders.

I need to intergrate more excerise into my day to day routine as i´m convinced it will help me with my back (yoga especially) and I also need to curb my sugar intake as I think it gives me bad sugar crashes... not always the best to realise the weekend before Easter haha!!

Let u know how I get on hun xxx


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