Monday, 15 April 2013

clean slate

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Have you ever wanted to hit the pause button in life, throw away every remnant of a past life and make room for new beginnings? I do, and spring (the season of new beginnings) often instigates this overwhelming desire.

At the moment, this is feeling seems to have accumulated around my wardrobe. I stare into its depths every evening before bed in an attempt to plan my outfit for the following day and sigh with frustration. 

(I should probably premise this by admitting that my wardrobe is packed, full of clothes. But right now - I hate every damn thing)

Most of the clothing I own is either poorly fitting, bobbled, creased or coming away at the hem. I hate the dreary colour palette and the way nothing works together. I'm currently stuck in limbo, wearing a small number of outfits on repeat because they are the only combinations I can sartorially tolerate.

What I would love to do is throw it all out and start again. 

I want classic pieces that fit like a dream. Minimalist staples to be funked up with statement jewellery and graphic eyeliner. I want to replace every black piece of clothing I own with clean white with pops of neon. 

Sooooo, in conclusion - if someone would like to lend me a few grand so I can fulfil my fashion destiny for spring/summer '13, that would be ace. Cheers.

Anyone else get this feeling in spring? Going to have a huge wardrobe cleanse soon and save up for an epic shopping trip I think....


Carissa Inez said...

i agree with you on this one


Maria Fallon said...

I totally agree! If I could start over, I think I would be a LOT more disciplined!

Maria xxx

Anonymous said...

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