Thursday, 22 October 2009

The Day Mummy Gave me Away

A lil micro fiction for you inspired by something I saw on the bus to work this morning.....

The Day Mummy Gave Me Away:
It's a cold and drippy sort of day. Mummy and me are waiting for the bus and I cough and sneeze at the chilly air. She pulls my rainbow scarf around me roughly and pats my head to hard. The big blue and gold bus finally turns the corner to pick us up. I like buses you see, because they are big and the chairs are high. I feel like a proper grown up in those chairs, I do. I jump a little and dance as we get on, I can't wait to jump on the leathery chair!!

"Shut up Eloise, stop jumping around!!"

She gave me a smelly look. I hate when she does that.

"Bless her"

says the bus driver.

"Bless her? She's a bloody nightmare, you have her if ya want!"

The two grown ups laugh and the driver man shouts,

"Alright then I will Hahahaha"

And that was when I realised mummy was giving me away to the bus driver. My mouth went downwards and my bottom lip wibbled. But then I looked at my new daddy and decided it wouldn't be so bad. He was a big fat man with a curly white beard, he looked a bit like Santa- but without the red suit and elves. Maybe I'll be one of his elves? I decided then that I quite liked this new idea. Mummy doesn't like me anyway- she's always telling strangers what a pain I am. I'll be glad to get away from her and her smelly smoky breath.

The bus stopped at mummy's stop and I got excited to wave her off and stick my tongue out at her through the window. It hurt a little when she gave me away, but it was nothing compared to what came next. She yanked my hand and pulled me off the bus. I was never going to live with Santa. I cried as we walked away from my Santa daddy, I was so excitet...ted to be a elf and feed Rudolf.

Mummy's a bitch.

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Zoe Lavender said...

Hahahahahaha!!! Best short story ever, I read it allowed to my housemate :) x x x


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