Friday, 16 October 2009


And so here comes another blog with lists of exciting people/films/music/(other) blogs that are making my life that extra bit rose tinted at the moment. Some were found through magazines, some through word of mouth (alright, twitter) and some I stumbled across all on my own :D

I'll just stuck right in yeah? Yeah.

Lets start with the music. These bands/singers are currently exciting my ears:

  • Cate le Bon (Listen to 'Me oh My' such a gorgeous song)

  • St. Vincent (I've seen this bands name flying around the web for a while and today I finally took the time to listen- VERY GOOD, me likey)

  • A Fine Frenzy (Recommended by my friend Rochelle who made the excellent point: 'How can you not like a song with clapping?!')

  • JAY Z (Just for a spot of contrast...there is a gangsta somewhere deep inside, desperate to get out and write sic rhymes)

Right next section- Films!

  • Where the Wild Things Are (see previous post! Out today- v.excited)

  • An Education (read about this in Elle, is about a school girl getting it on with her teacher in the 60's. Caused quite a stir at Cannes film festival and is written by Nick Hornby so you can't go wrong).

NEXT! Fashion....

  • I kinda want a snood. That's a scarf/hood by the way. And it looks like this-

  • I also would quite like some statement boots to get me through winter- these would be perfect-


So there you have it, another list of lovely THINGS. I'll be filling the next post with more things as I share with the world my charity shop finds from Goldaming last week. Stay tuned kids :D

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Lexica said...

where do they sell these shoes? Amazing!


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