Wednesday, 28 October 2009

In need of prettyness

So I've finally caught my first cold of the winter.... I'm sat at home feeling gross and caughing all over my cat, (lucky creature). To cheer myself up I decided to have a look at all my usual blogs which I stalk daily (the list of which is to your right --->) and I found some newbies! Here's a quick list:

Most of them are simply about beautiful things, whether that's images, clothing, interiors or just lovely quotes.

They have reminded me of my love for photography and finding beauty in everyday things. I took photography at college and even got a digital SLR for my graduation present, and since then I have used it, (as you'll have noticed from my previous photographic posts), but I don't feel I've used it to it's full potential. When heading off to uni I genuinely thought about doing photography instead of writing, but was too lazy to do the foundation year. I'm pleased with my decision as writing has always been my first love, but now I've got this urge to look up photography courses and teach myself to take pictures as amazing as the people in these blogs.

I hope one day I will, because a beautiful image can make you feel better, even when you've got a nasty case of 'man' flu.

Here's a cool one from Sarah Hermans:

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