Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Fashion Fix

Fashion is one of my guilty pleasures in life, my sister (also my style icon) has shown me the glowy fashiony light and I've yet to look away. I know some people find it incredibly shallow and not worthy of consideration, but you've got to think- you encounter it every single day of you're life (apart from the nudists among you..) and if we must cover our bodies in cloth, it might as well be pretty... no? I pretty much eat fashion magazines for breakfast and geekily search the web for style blogs daily, so I thought I need to include a little more of my love on here.

My sister and I went to Goldaming a couple of weeks ago to scour charity shops for bargains. Goldaming is such a pretty town that looks like it's still in the 19'th century with gazebo's and cobbled streets, just walking around was lovely. The shops are pretty restricted- there's charity shops, bakeries, cafes and a fantastic little market on Thursdays. So not a place to run to for couture, but great for skint fashionistas like me and my sis. Here's what I found...

Have been looking for an over sized patterned chunky knit for months, so was happy to find this beauty for a measly £4

I liked the Gothic look to this little lace cover-up (very Autumn/Winter 09) I also enjoyed the price.....£2.50

After Goldaming I felt too saintly for only spending £6.50, so we went to Guildford highstreet to spend too much money on accessories....

This was from Topshop and was expensive. But look how prettttyyyy! Goes perfectly with a plain jumper to act like a blank canvas for this statement.

And this little chain from accessorise was just too cute. It's a CHAIR! on a necklace! That's fashion madness right there.

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