Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Bit of light on a winters day

Thought I would do another post about things exciting my eyes and ears at the moment- the days seem to be dragging and this winter seems never ending, so here's some lightness on this cold dark day!



  • Chairlift- recommended by my buddy Luke- lovely band with a huge variety of sound, from sweet and fun to dark and powerful- listen to 'Make your mind up' or 'Bruises'

  • Peggy Sue and the Pirates- Not sure if I've mentioned these guys yet, but I am so in love with them it's ridiculous. Have even got tickets to their album launch in March- so excited, listen to 'Lazarus' and 'The Sea The Sea' urghhhh too good.

Hope that's enough to brighten your day! I've officially finished work at River Island and now have two weeks to sort myself out and get ready for Thailand! So excited and yet so scared to be coming home unemployed....will be thrown back into Limbo once more. Good job I like it there. Well ya know, it's so so.

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