Friday, 8 January 2010

The List

Yaaay! Finally feeling up to a little new years resolution list writing :) Swine flu has eased itself and turned into a cold- which I can handel! I love new years, so exciting to look to the future and draw whatever is too blurry to see. No point messing around, lets write the list!

  • Write more. Update the CV around like a frisky bouncy ball so the poor music/fashion magazines don't know whats hit them... and hey, if in doubt just keep writing...

  • Take in every moment in Thailand

  • Learn to bake these--->

  • Move to an exciting city with Antony

  • Be a shade braver with fashion

  • Start a photography blog so I can take pictures like this:

  • Go to more gigs

  • Go to more museums/art exhibits

  • Be a touch healthier- keep up the gym, and learn to meditate...

  • Keep this in my daily life--->

  • Keep this in my daily life too while I'm at it--->


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