Saturday, 23 January 2010

Updating my life

Have been incredibly productive the last few days, scurrying around desperately to prepare myself for my month in Thailand and whatever lies in store for me after. Amongst other things I've updated my CV and applied for 5 internships for when I get back from Thailand..... I just need to wiggle that foot in the door! In between that today I've decided to update my blog more regularly, afterall I'm not working anymore and there's only so much organising one can do in a day.... So prepare for updated posts galore, wow, your gonna be sick of me :)

Even if it's just posts about things that made me smile. Like these! These pics from make me want to rent a room for the sole purpose of holding books in.

I can't wait to move into a place with Antony later this year- I can see it already, and it's so damn pretty. I'll invite you all over for tea and cake.

Something else I see in my future is one day owning a variety of gorgeous cameras (and hopefully knowing how to use them!) when I get some I'll invite you over for tea and cake and I'll take pictures of you eating it :)

1 comment:

Miss Wayward said...

I love those freestanding book stacks. They almost look as if they're floating!


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