Saturday, 5 March 2011

Just a Minute....February


Making: Words! Have written a lot this month- love it!

Watching: Lots of 'How I met Your Mother', 'The Model Agency' ....oh and the Spiderman films with the boy.

Listening: Warpaint, Angus & Julia Stone, Magnetic Man and Sea of Bees.

Loving: Time off- quite rare when you normally work 6 day weeks- has been utterly lovely :)

Buying: Pretty clothes at London Fashion Weekend, dinner at GBK and a few cheeky Birthday drinks.


Emily said...

I love GBK! I totally treasure my time off when I get it, feels so good to have some time to yourself after working long hours. I hate 5 days a week, no idea how you manage 6!xxx

Cherry Pullinger said...

I'm loving The Model Agency at the mo!

Is This Real Life? said...

Ooh i am in love with the whole vibe of that picture, beautiful! Ah i am loving the Model Agency too, such addictive viewing!

Kat said...

@Emily GBK is amazing, especially the minted lamb burgers! nom. Yeah I don't know how I do 6 days sometimes! Hopefully it'll be worth it in the long haul :)

@Cherry Pullinger it's fascinating to see how they work isn't it! Thanks for the follow by the way :)

@is this real life Gorgeous pic isn't it? And yes, model agency is so addictive! Love the new look of your blog by the way!



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