Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Rusted skirts and winged beasts

First of all- Happy Pancake day and International Women's day! 
(Whoever planned that clash deserves a medal)

Right, onto less important things! I just wanted to take a minute and show you what I bought when I went to London Fashion Weekend....

Now, I was good and only bought one item from the show itself. There I was, scanning designer names and was oooh-ing and ahh-ing over all the pretty things, dreaming of a time when I would one day have enough money to buy such things, when BAM! The name 'American Retro' jumped out at me. 

I love this brand and got more than a little excited. After thumbing through their stunning pieces I stumbled across a flowing vest complete with an owl motif. Simple and just my style. I had to have it. So I handed over £30 and left with a piece from my favourite brand- score.

Here 'tis....

After that moment of excitement, we wondered over to Covent Garden and spent far too much time in Urban Outfitters. I hadn't planned on buying anything else.....but then this happened.

I couldn't very well leave it there now could I? Look at the colour.....the free-flowing layers.....the COLOUR. So it's now found a new home in my cramp wardrobe, ready to make friends with the American Retro vest as soon as Summer comes along. I think they're going to get on well :)


Maria said...

I am so jealous! Love both of these things :D

Maria xxx

Kat said...

Thanks! hehe, I went a bit crazy but loved both of them so much, couldn't leave them behind!



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