Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Under your Spell...

Have fallen in love with a spell-binding brand called, ahem, 'Spell & the Gypsy Collective'.

This fashion and accessories brand from Australia combines pretty much everything I love - leather, turquoise, navajo imagery, feathers, crystals.... All of which makes me want to just pack a bag and become a nomad, travel around the world and start a new life with the gypsies. 

Spell comes from the minds of two Aussie sisters, Elizabeth and Isabella, who took inspiration from their artistic parents and now sell their work from Byron Bay. Check out the site here.

Elizabeth + Isabella

My sister has recently started making jewellery you know..... so I'm thinking we should somehow join forces and move to Oz..... and maybe cast some spells of our own ;)

(Images from Spells beautiful blog)


Zsara said...

Ooh they're gorgeous! great post :) xox

Kat said...

They're amazing aren't they? Want to live that lifestyle please :)


Anonymous said...

Great site, very impressive.


Anonymous said...

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