Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Gnome Sweet Gnome

Having a cold is never going to be fun, but I think these tissue holders by Gnome Sweet Gnome would do a pretty good job at cheering you up! 

(It's the simple things that make me smile)

I think my favourite one is the elephant! 

I hope all of my UK readers are OK after all the rioting, can't believe what's going on right now, it's absolutely awful. Loving how communities are coming together with the clean up though- shows a great side to the British public. Hope everyone is staying safe and staying strong.


Maria said...

I have a cold at the moment and these have absolutely made my day, the elephant is amazing!

Maria xxx

Is This Real Life? said...

Love this post, too cute!

Louder than Silence said...

Ha, these are amazing! Sally x

Emma said...

Ha! Brilliant.

Anonymous said...

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Toks said...

Haha, those tissue boxes are creatively amazing!! xD


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