Friday, 19 August 2011

Watch Me


Watch Me

Cut me in half and watch me bleed.
Watch me flail in desperation.
Watch me will my bones to join.
Watch my skin graft and tissue repair.
Watch my tendons mend and cells regenerate.
Watch me put myself back together again.
Watch me whisper sweet destruction.
Watch me knock you out with ease.
Watch me watch you fall beyond.
 Watch yourself fall into the depth of your own fear.
Watch me grow like never before.

Just something I wrote on the train home the other day, got inspired after reading another great Harukai Murakami novel. Not entirely sure what I'm talking about in this to be honest- think it's basically an FU to anyone that doubts you or puts you down. I love writing random things like this, has been a while!

Any of you guys do any creative writing?


Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

AH-mazing. I'm no good at writing, when I was a child my teacher always told me to use full stops. I have the same rambling problemo now. x hivenn

claire (jazzpad.) said...

That is definitely a two fingers up to anyone who tries to shit on you! It's really good you have that outlet whenever you feel inspired, wish I could have the confidence to publish more of my creative ramblings! ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

Eloise said...

ooh which one was it? My favourite is dance dance dance


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