Tuesday, 2 August 2011

save the population

Ever have moments when you pause, look around, and think....'Damn. Life is pretty sweet.' ? I love those moments and I had a pretty wonderful one earlier. I was sitting in my garden at 7pm, under a tree, listening to this song and reading the latest Elle magazine. It was uncharacteristically warm, the sky was turning a beautiful pink and my dad was pottering around the garden planting flowers.

As sad as it sounds, its moments like this when I'm at my happiness. Give me sunshine, good music and something to read and I'm set. Of course there are other factors that contributed to my sudden 'life is good' realisation, mainly a fantastic weekend with old friends, a new job and an exciting future ahead, (more on that later), but it really is the simple things that get me smiling.

So yes, sometimes life does suck and you want to punch it in the face... but if we can hold onto these simple pleasures and captured moments, then hopefully it won't be so inclined to punch back.


Lily Labyrinth said...

Aw, sounds lovely. Reading this made me think of that Elbow song "Throw those curtains wide, one day like this a year will see me right..." :) x

keschen said...

love the picture and the song is awesome :) i love red hot chilli peppers!!!


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