Wednesday, 3 November 2010

How the Mad Men Do it....

Thanks to the wonderful world of Twitter I stumbled across a really great article called 'The Mad Men Guide to Changing the World with Words' from the Copy Blogger. Now I've not personally watched 'Mad Men', but the article takes the way characters from the show approach advertising and translates it to writing for the Internet, including blogging.

There are some great tips in there based on quotes from Mad Men including:

'A new idea is something they don’t know yet, so of course it’s not going to show up as an option.'

~ Don Draper


'Fear stimulates my imagination.'

~ Don Draper

I really recommend bloggers and writers out there to give it a read, really stimulating idea's. My favourite is probably this tip....

"Doing nothing

'I’ll never get used to the fact that most of the time it looks like you’re doing nothing.'

~ Roger Sterling

When you’re a writer, sitting by the pool and reading a book is all part of your job.
Sure, it’s relaxing. Sure, you enjoy it. Sure, you might feel a little guilty about it.
But if you stop, what happens? I’ll tell you: your creativity will dry up, your work will get stale, and you’ll lose your edge.
So, stop being ashamed of it.
Personally, I spend about 3-4 hours per day watching television, reading books, and listening to NPR. On average, I also stare into space for about 1-2 hours, just thinking.
If anyone asks what I’m doing, I say I’m working. Because I am."

Can relate to this big time, feel bad for wanting time to read magazines and blogs. Think I'm going to add the Copy Blogger to my daily reading list- seeing as I'm in the copywriting and blogging world, makes sense really :)

Anyone out there follow any great writing blogs?

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