Saturday, 13 November 2010

New Winter Coat / Little Gold Rush

So I finally got around to buying myself a new Winter coat, you may remember I was having some dilemma's a while ago. I ended up going for something completely out of my comfort range and very different to my usual style. While usually I would have been enticed by Primark's cosy looking parka, I knew I wanted something a bit smarter, something with some structure, something I could put on and feel empowered by. I also wanted to spend a little more money in the hope it wouldn't fall apart after two wears....

 So I ended up going into Topshop and falling for this military green funnel necked beaut.....

Undone Collar
Done up Collar

It was the only one of its style left, in my size, fitted like a dream- I called it fate. Fate, (as it turns out), also has a sense of humour as I noticed 3 buttons missing and other's dangling precariously (so much for spending more money for quality, huh?) but I was under its spell and with 10% knocked off the price I kind of lost my head. Luckily it came with spare buttons so I am now in the process of restoring it to its former glory, (and by 'I', I of course mean my mum). So there you have it- warm, heavy, dramatic, perfect.

In other fashion-y news my sister came home today and I couldn't help but notice the brilliant gold jewellery she was sporting, I'm not usually a fan of gold, but she wears it well don't ya think?

I really love the deer ring (from Topshop).


suzi kemp said...

Hi Kat, of course I remember you! Thanks for your comment on my blog...what are you doing these days?Looks good..I actually just moved back in to my mums house, so still round the corner. Let me know what your up to, stay in touch, Suzi XXX

Kat said...

Hey! Ah that's alright, so impressed, I love illustration :)

Yeah, I'm back at home with the parents again after uni too (boo), doing some freelance fashion writing for a website and working part-time at Paperchase for extra £££, hoping to quit that though and focus on writing after xmas!

Great to see ur doing so well, will have to pick up one of your books :)

Kat xx

Danni and Maria said...


Sorry. An overreaction there :P

Lovely ring from good ol' Topshop :)



Kat said...

Ahhh I love that watch! Need to steal it from my sis when she's not looking :D hehe



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