Saturday, 11 December 2010

Furry things

I hate the cold. At the moment I would quite happily skin a yeti and cosy up in its fur until June. I would also stack some silver rings and start smoking so I could look badass.

Whilst we're on the subject of furry things, I'm afraid I'm about to get a bit *serious* about one I lost today. My gorgeous cat Saffy passed away today. She was a birthday present to me when I was 7 and she lived a happy 17 years with me and my family.

She was so timid when we first got her that I had to coax her out from behind the sofa just to eat. As she grew up she got so much more confident and became a proper little minx who loved attention. It's crazy how pets can become part of the family, and Saffy truly was. I'm beyond devastated to have lost her, but at the same time happy she is no longer suffering.

Here she is in all her cuteness :)

Thanks to everyone on Twitter who have been so kind- the kindness of strangers always amazes me, you guys rock.


Stefany said...

Aww I'm really sorry to hear you lost your cat :( no matter how long a life they've had saying goodbye is never easy. I still miss my spaniel Kelly and she also lived a happy long life.. But it's nice to know they aren't suffering anymore. Hope you feel better xxx

LookingGlassGirl said...

I really feel for you here. I'd hate to lose any of my two cats x

Is This Real Life? said...

Ah so sorry for your loss!
Hope you will be feeling better soon!

Love this picture it really reminds me of MK love all the siver rings too!

Kat Nicholls said...

Ah thank you guys, the house feels so empty, very hard to get used to. She really was struggeling by the end though, so at least she is at peace now. Crazy how emotionally attached you get to animals isn't it?


Margaret said...

I am so unbelievably sorry about Saffy, such an adorable cat. I have two cats of my own, and they really are like my children. I know exactly what you mean about the house feeling empty- whenever we go out of town and have to leave the cats at the boarding facility, it really does feel as if half the family is missing. Anyway, thanks for following me, I really like your blog : )

Kat Nicholls said...

Oh Thank you, really sweet of you to say :) And thank you for following back- your blog is awesome :)



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