Friday, 31 December 2010

Just a minute...December (and a bit of New Year chatter)

Making: Money! Working overtime this month.

Watching: Misfits (TV series), Inception, An Education....etc...

Reading: Elle, Vogue (usual suspects!) and have had an urge to read The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe lately!

Listening: Animal Kingdom, Carpark North, The Black Keys and Yeasayer.

Loving: All the pretty Christmas decorations and lights :)

Buying: Christmas presents! and maybe a few sneaky presents for myself...

Bye Bye 2010

I love New Years eve and the promise it holds on the other side. Time to wipe slates clean and make big plans for the following year. I took a look at my 'list' from last year- here's what I achieved...
(and what I didn't!)

1) 'Write More' This one I did! Have written more this year than any other, for work and for voluntary projects.

2) 'Move to an exciting city'  Yeah this one didn't happen. Still at home with the parents- but I've been working on my career which at the moment takes priority over moving. Maybe this year will be the year?

3) 'Learn to bake' I baked once!! Kinda. See here. Will work on this one in the new year too....

4) 'Be a shade braver with fashion' Yeah... I'd like to think I achieved this one! I wear things now I wouldn't have dreamed of in the past :)

5) 'Start a photography blog' Yep! Definitely achieved this one! See here.

6) 'Go to more gigs' Yes! Have been to some great gigs this year, Peggy Sue, 65 Days of Static, Alice in Chains....

7) 'Go to more art exhibits' Again, I went to one...see here.

8) 'Be a touch healthier' I was great with this at the start of the year- gym, yoga etc. Just didn't keep it up! Will have another bash at this one in 2011...promise....

So there you go, more ticks than crosses, so I'm happy. Will publish my 2011 list when I've had a chance to think about it :) Here's a quick look back at my highlights from 2010....

Travelling around Thailand

Gaining an Internship in fashion writing

Gaining a freelance job at the end of it

Going to Turkey with the boy and his family

Having my first fashion article printed in 'Think Local'

Gaining more and more writing experience

Going from about 7 followers on my blog to an amazing 33 (THANK YOU!!)

I hope you all have a brilliant night tonight and bring in the new year with style!

Here's to 2011
*raises a glass of bubbly*

(All images from here)

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