Saturday, 1 January 2011

The List: 2011


I love this time of year- a truly fresh start, the time to plan / dream / wish / hope and, of course, draw up lists of what you want to achieve in the next 12 months. I don't like the word 'resolutions' feels far too restrained and almost doomed to fail. I prefer a list of goals that are realistic and do-able. So you won't be seeing any 'join the gym, quit drinking, lose a stone' shiz here.

No.... here is the place for achievable wishes written by the bossy boots within me...

1. Keep writing, writing, writing. For work, for fun, whatever. Never give up the dream.

2. Be OUT of part-time retail by Christmas. And *hopefully* be writing full time....

3. Get yourself out of your overdraft....and save up for a deposit on a flat.

4. Learn to cook real food. Pasta and cheese just ain't cutting it anymore, (start baking tasty treats for the boy too whilst you're at it, he deserves it after cooking for you all this time).

5. Get a Mini Diana camera and learn more about photography...even when your 365 project is over.

6. Get more technologically savvy, buy books, speak to friends, most importantly- learn.

7. READ more, (always on your list).... Make time for it this time.

8. Be a touch healthier. You said this last year- how about keeping it up this time? Your body and mind will thank you for it.

9. Do something you haven't done before every month, (and then blog about it!). Inspired by your friend Emily who has made the same pact. Life is made up of new experiences after all :)

10. Live in the moment. Again always on your list, and to be fair to you- you always achieve this one. Keep it up.

"Winter is for dreaming, imagining, planning - so that when spring returns you are ready"
Quote found here

Last but not least here is a pretty song I've been listening to today, gearing myself up for the New Year. I especially like the lyric 'We are not frightened anymore, we stood up'

 Hope you all have a year full of love, fun and happiness :)


Is This Real Life? said...

Love your list (and song, as always!)
I hope you acheive all your goals in 2011, which i am more than sure you will!
Hope your Christmas and NY was really fun and great too!

daisychain said...

Love your list! Happy new year x

Kat said...

Ah thank you girls :) Hope you both have an amazing year too- writing this list is always so fun :)And glad you like the song! Havent done a song of the week for a while so thought i'd throw a cheeky one in there :D


LookingGlassGirl said...

Great resolutions.
I bought myself a Diana camera for Christmas and I'm in love with it already.
Keep at the writing. I agree with you about never giving up the dreams. I'm going to try and stick to that one too x

Kat said...

Ah amazing, I just love the look of Diana pictures- so gorgeous. Giving up on dreams shouldn't be an option hehe! I've worked my butt off for years at writing and am finally getting somewhere, just gotta keep on trucking even when it would be so easy to give up :)



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