Thursday, 27 January 2011


Just a few of my favourite things I have discovered this week....
(there are some cool things on that there interweb)

This 'How to make vinyl record bowls' DIY from Darling Disarray

This look from Ironic Fashion......

This image from Lights Drive my Soul....

This song from Love, Zsara

This book from So Much to Tell You

And finally this amazing carrot cake whoopie pie from Shell + Blossom
(Which I was lucky enough to sample in real life- delish!!)

Quite an eclectic selection, non?

What have you been discovering this week?


Alex said...

very nice :)

LookingGlassGirl said...

I adore Christina Perri x

Ayden said...

those bowls + whoopie pie (carrot cake, oh my!) = especially awesome! :) xx

mel said...

that is quite the collection, but perfect for my random tastes :)
i've made those record bowls in the past, they're a lot of fun!
p.s. found you from the winter swap list, have a great weekend!

Kat said...

@ Alex Thank you :)
@ LookingGlassGirl spent a few hours listening to every video of hers on youtube the other day- have fallen in love :)
@ Ayden the whoopie pie was immense, need to steal the recipe!
@ Mel ahh glad you like my random collection hehe. Will have to make those bowls someday for sure! Oooh what's the Winter Swap list? Sounds cool :)



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