Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Song of the Week.....

I had been getting a little sick of Florence and her musical Machine lately, purely because every song has been sooooo over played.......

But then I came across a song I hadn't heard of before.

It's called 'Heavy in your arms' and it's made me fall in love with this band all over again :)

Was I the only one to miss this incredible track first time round??


ShyShoegazer said...

I love this song, found it a month or so ago :) Have you heard Swimming, Falling, and Hardest of Hearts? They are other lesser known Florence songs - all on iTunes incase you haven't heard them :)

Ps. I think the reason Heavy in your Arms got over looked is because it was done for the Twilight Eclipse soundtrack or something? Blugh, Twilight o_O not good. Lol.


Kat said...

I don't think I've heard those other songs- oooh will have to get spotify-ing!!

Yeah I noticed it was for Twilight and I second your blergh lol, still, great song!


Kat said...

oh my thanks so much for following!!

and i am an avidavidavidavid AVID florence fan.

listen to bird song, and girl with one eye (bayou percussion version). if you like a little less indie listen to her old band ashok.. a few of the songs are basic demos of current florence songs! completely different style of music though.. <3

Kat said...

Hey Kat,

No problem! Love your blog :) Ah wow thanks for the recommendations, will have to check them out! Especially her old band, will be interesting to hear her older stuff!



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