Thursday, 20 January 2011

Je t'aime

I have a new style crush.

Her name is Josephine de La Baume and she is a French actress and singer (and supposedly 'hanging out' with a certain Mr. Mark Ronson).

I love her nonchalance and her effortless style....

When I grow up can I be a French actress/singer/beauty too?

And FYI, I quite like her band too- 'Singtank'

*sigh* je t'aime


Is This Real Life? said...

Oh i love her style too, why do french people have such effortless style, ahhh i want to be french too when i grow up,Ha!

Is she not in Mark Ronsons last video too, the one with the bikes, i think!
Fab post and again thank you for the tag in the below post, its awesome!

Kat said...

Yes! I think she was in that video! So jealous, her life looks just lovely hehe.

No worries about the tag- was my first one :o very exciting!



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