Thursday, 28 July 2011

Outfit : Tie Dye Dress

So apparently the 90's called....and, uh, they want their look back.

I wasn't consciously aiming for that look, but I guess that's what happens when you wear tie dye and shirts. I wore this for an evening at the pub a few weeks ago when it was actually still summer! I Paired a tie dye maxi dress with a floral shirt, (which I tied at the waist and tucked in to make it cropped), and popped on some wooden beads over the top. 

This evening was also the evening I realised my hair was just about long enough to actually play with! So after lots of pulling and prodding I managed to tease it into a relaxed side plait. 

Dress: Charity Shop
Shirt: River Island
Beads: River Island
Satchel: Vintage

Are you a fan of the tie dye look?


Sarah said...

I love the tye dye look on you, although I'm not sure if I would suit it. I love the feminine touch with the floral shirt, too.


Lizzy said...

This combo looks great on you, very summery, sort of updated 90s I think. The 90s may be calling for their look back, but I reckon the naughties can fight them for it :). x


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