Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Recent Bargains....

I must admit, like most bloggers, I do love a good bargain. Recently I've picked up some really great pieces at some even greater prices, proving that you don't need a 50K salary to look good.

A few tips for finding a good bargain:

1) Shop the sales EARLY, get there before the hoards to get the best bits.

2) Strike up a friendship with your local charity shop. I'm lucky with this as my mum works in mine, but all you need to do is make friends with the manager and maybe even pass them on your number.... It never hurts to be cheeky and if it means they'll think of you when the really good stuff gets donated, all the better!

3) Don't buy something just because it's cheap, make sure you are really in love with it!!

Right, here's what I picked up....

These Brogues are from my mums charity shop and I LOVE them! I havent given my mum the money yet so not sure how much I'll be charged, (probably no more than £20 though).

I got this from a charity shop in Guildford, I love its minimalistic look and its double chain which lets me wear it either long or short! It has become my staple 'going out' bag. It cost me £6 

Another one from my mums shop, I just loved its Chanel-esque look, so good for Summer! If I remember correctly, I believe I paid £4 for this one!

AHHH. My favourite bargain! Picked this up in the Warehouse sale last weekend. It was one of those, 'gotta have it' moments when I walked in, I'm obsessed with burnt orange and this is just so my style. I plan on rocking it with flat ankle boots for future job interviews....oh and it was £20 down from £50. Not bad eh?

Have you picked up any bargains lately? Do you like hunting down bargains or do you prefer to spend more money on investment pieces? 


Anonymous said...

Some really good finds, I love these brogues and that little black bag! x

artandghosts said...

Ah! I fail on all counts - I rarely if ever arrive to sales early, and I always manage to purchase stuff that winds up lying in the throw out pile months later. But, I have been trying to make a more balanced judgment recently, and have enjoyed the sales so far!

I love your choices!

helenlouise said...

Great charity shop finds and that Warehouse dress is lovely! I volunteer at a charity shop so I get first dibs on the bargains :) I recently picked up a candy stripe shirt in Oxfam, I've been looking for one for a while so was chuffed when I found it!

Style of a Fashionista said...

so weird I live in Guildford do you?? ha ha I never find anything decent in the towns charity shops that bag is gorge. If you are ever in Guildford you should pop into House of Fraser and say hi xoxo


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