Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Outfit : Vintage Skirt

Another outfit post for you guys! I've been pretty good at getting my mum or dad to take pictures of my outfits, and I already have another waiting to be edited, but I must admit.... it's quite scary posting them! You completely put yourself out there and let everyone and anyone comment on how you dress. Luckily everyone's been kind so far, but I'm kinda dreading the first 'that looks stupid' anon comment. Oh well, just have to suck it up, I'm pretty confident with how I dress, and there are always going to be people that hate.

Anyway- onto the outfit! I wore this a couple of weeks ago when I went for a night out in London. Paired a black vest with a high-waisted vintage skirt and added black wedges and gold jewellery....

Top: Primark
Necklace: Charity Shop
Skirt: Vintage
Wedges: New Look

Watch: Next
Bracelet: Topshop

This has become quite a typical night out look for me- love maxi skirts with a passion and think wearing them high waisted with wedges is such a cool look. 

What evening looks are you loving right now?

(P.S Any tips for less blurry pics on blogger when you enlarge them? I use a good digital SLR, no clue why they're coming out so blury on my blog!)


Anonymous said...

I love that skirt!!! I want it!! If you get bored of it, I'll buy it off you ;-) x

jennie said...

Wow I adore that skirt! You look super beautiful <3 xoxo

Temporary:Secretary said...

That is a gorgeous skirt! x

artandghosts said...

It's all very lovely! Especially with the black top and boots, this is exactly how I would imagine wearing this skirt. I am similar with regards to posting images of myself: I very often feel silly, painfully self aware, and yet my interest in sharing the outfit seems to surpass it - still, the uneasy feeling of posing on the web remains, and there's always this fear that other people may think you are vain/daft etc.
But I'm glad you did share! These are fabulous pics!

helenlouise said...

Love the skirt and your wedges!
RE the photo thing, the blogger uploader is really quite rubbish, you should host your photos on a site like photobucket.com and use the html code to post them on your blog, then you can have them whatever size you like!

Lily Labyrinth said...

You look lovely Kat - great styling of the skirt :)

About the photos... Are you uploading them in a small size and then clicking "Large" (or whatever it says) in the option bar? That might be your trouble. I upload mine at the size they appear so that Blogger just has to display them at "Original Size". Not sure if that's useful but thought it ~could~ be where you are having trouble?


Jo said...

Your floral skirt is oh-so divine! I love the length!

Lost in the Haze

Lizzy said...

Combining the retro print with black top and boots gives the outfit a great modern edge - love it!

As far as the blurriness goes... are these pictures cropped from much larger photographs? That could be part of it. Possibly maternal focussing skills? I spent an age educating my younger brother on how to get me in focus in my photographs, and then he went and cut my feet off in ALL the pictures :P. Of course it could also be how blogger compresses your pictures when you upload them, in which case I'm all out of useful advice! x

Maria said...

You look fab! I love the boots especially!

Maria xxx

*little* bouquets said...



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