Friday, 6 August 2010


So it turns out working 6 day weeks complete with lots of 11 hour days are really....not so fun. At the moment I'm feeling constantly knackered which is only perpetuated by my ridiculous laziness when I do have a spare day/evening/hour. My social life seems to have vanished with my lust for life, the only time I don't feel like a zombie at the mo is when I get precious time with my boyfriend....

Figured out what I need though- a night out. I need to drink one too many cocktails and spend a night on the dance floor with my best friends shaking my ass til the lights come on.

Looks like one of my best girly's is heading home soon, so think we'll plan something along those lines for then! Then I have a weekend off from work coming up where I might head out of town. OH and I even have lunch plans tomorrow. Things are looking up already :)

(P.S these images were found at We Heart It, a new favourite image site found by Rochelle at Shell + Blossom)

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