Monday, 2 August 2010

Dreams Do Come True.....

Yup, dreams officially come true. Do you remember back in April I wrote a blog post about a dream I had about a vintage pale blue typewriter? (here's the full post),

" I have been having the strangest dreams lately. The other night I dreamt that I saved John Travolta from drowning, (WTF?), and last night I was dreaming about the most amazing blue antique typewriter. Did I buy it in my dream? No. Because even in my dreams I couldn't afford it...although, to be fair for some reason dream land is highly over priced and it cost £512,000. I would looove an antique typewriter so much, I just think they're beautiful and essential for proper writers (hehe)."

Well, my amazing sister just happened to stroll past a charity shop one day and spotted something blue and pretty (and a lot more fairly priced than in dream land) in the window. She picked it up for me and now it has pride of place on my desk...

How amazing is that? For those interested, no I will not be using it to type, it is merely in my room for inspirational and aesthetic purposes :D

So there you have it, dreams can come true, gives me hope for my other slightly larger dreams anyway :)

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