Friday, 13 August 2010

Girls that RAWK

So.....this film looks pretty damn good.

I'm not going to lie here, I'm not a hardcore Runaways fan or anything, and I know diddly squat about how they started... so this film has clearly been made to educate people like me. Female front-women are now all the rage in rock, and I think its quite clear that these guys had a lot to do with it. Excited to see Kristen Stewart in something that isn't Twilight (she cameoed in 'Into the Wild' and was brilliant'), she's a good actress, her character in Twilight just bugs me. Also excited to see Dakota Fanning- she's grown up hasn't she?! Still looks young to me, but will be good to see her in a more adult role, I think she's gonna be a bit of an acting genius that one.

Speaking of girls that RAWK, I also wanted to post a video of my current favourite singing ladies- Peggy Sue. Not punk rockers like the Runaways, but they rock in their own way! And yes I have mentioned them, and here. But never before have I made you watch a video!! This is my favorite song called 'The Sea, The Sea' sung live. Listen. Love. Listen again.

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