Monday, 4 October 2010


Found a rather cool website today..... basically lists every cool thing to do that you can imagine- around the world. From cooking to extreme sports it has so many great suggestions that I couldn't resist picking a few that I would do if money was no object...

1) Sandboarding in Cape Town (because, well, why the hell not?)

2) Cooking day in Rome (because I can't cook for love nor money, but I think learning here would inspire me)

3) Learning Spanish in Buenos Aires (because I used to love the language and would love to re-kindle that spark)

4) Jewellery making break in France (because it's making jewellery. In France....come on)

5) Afternoon tea lessons in London (because I had no idea you could have lessons in this!!)

6) Chocolate and wine tasting in Florence (because, well I don't really need to explain this one do I?)

7) Street art tour in Melbourne Australia (because I love street art and have always wanted to visit Oz)

8) Photography Social- fun and slightly drunken evening photography walks around London (because slightly drunken photography is the best kind of photography)

9) Horseback riding in the Canadian Rockies (because I used to ride, and riding in the Rockies would be unreal)

10) Learn how to screen print a handmade book (because then I could make lots of pretty books and pretend to strangers that I'm a published author...)

What would you do?

(All images via We Heart it)

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