Saturday, 9 October 2010

Song of the Week

Right guys, instead of doing the whole 'New Music Monday' thing I was going to try, instead I've decided I'm going to do a 'Song of the Week' post every week instead- takes the pressure off my Mondays ;)

Plus it means I can share specific songs that are currently rocking my little world!
To kick off proceedings this week I've got a song by the brilliant band 'Doves'.

For some reason I'd never really paid this band much attention until my boyfriend educated me recently (he's good like that). I'm currently obsessing over their album 'Kingdom of Rust' and while all the songs on there are great, I've chosen 'Jetstream' as my song of the week. This is the first track on the album and a beautiful opener....

(Oh and again a song without an actual video!! Sorry.)

Oh and speaking of music- Happy Birthday John Lennon :)

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